Test as a Service

Test Design and Execution Services

Save your valuable resources for new projects by letting QA Mentor handle your Test Design and Execution for you.


How often does this happen for so many companies? They are working hard on an important project that consumes all of their development resources but someone higher up pushes another project through. They don’t have the manpower to fully test the new project because their QA resources are dedicated elsewhere. Their options are to hire more full time staff, hire some temps, or have their already taxed team work overtime. This scenario happens quite frequently, and there’s a good chance it’s happened in your business already. QA Mentor can help rescue you with a far more appealing option. Let us do the testing for you.

With manual testing services, we will hand-pick a team dedicated solely to your project. Our professionals will work with your developers, business analysts, and managers to go over requirements, build a comprehensive test plan, design thorough test cases, rapidly execute the tests, help remediate defects, and retest until the project is satisfactorily completed. The same individuals will be with you from beginning to end, so they have a complete understanding of the project and how you want it done, and you will always know exactly who you are dealing with. The same QA Engineers that develop the test cases will also execute them, leaving no room for misunderstandings and greatly expediting the process.

– Quality Automation: help setup test infrastructure like CI/CD and k8 with test automation suites

– Functional testing: validates the application against the functional and business requirements/specifications

– end-to-end testing: help perform user-based experience test

– API testing: review the performance, functionality, reliability, and security of REST or SOAP APIs

– Performance & stress testing: evaluate the stability, speed, responsiveness of the software, and ability to handle load, bandwidth, scalability, and stress

– Data migration testing: ETL testing where it is carried out to ensure that the data is extracted, transformed, and loaded in the correct format

– Security & penetration testing: judge the safety of the application and identify the vulnerabilities to threats and attacks



Immediate Benefits

– Cut costs by 10-35%
– Decreased time to production
– Domain experts focusing on your application
– The dedicated team from beginning to end
– Superior end product
– Allow your team to focus on new projects

Manual Testing Services – Here’s how it generally works:

One of our experienced QA Experts will get in touch with the lead contact from your company and find out exactly what is required. They will determine the current state of the project life cycle, the deadlines, and simply what your team needs and expects from us. After that meeting, the QA Mentor Expert will evaluate the information gathered and provide a timely and accurate estimation of effort. This estimation will include the time needed to complete the project and the number of resources necessary to hit your targeted date. If everyone is in agreement, we will assemble the team. Your new team will start work as early as the next day by going over all documentation you give us and/or moving through any mockups or prototypes to develop a comprehensive plan of attack.

Once the general plan is created, work on test cases begins in earnest. Your QA Mentor team will work together and with any resources you provide to create a requirements traceability matrix, which consists of high-level scenarios mapped to functional requirements. From there, all of the necessary, detailed test cases to cover complete functionality and requirements are started. Our test cases are grouped by type, such as negative, UI, field validation, database, security, integration, or health/sanity check. This documentation will be delivered to and approved by you. Once development is complete, the same team of professionals will rigorously begin testing, documenting all defects they find in the process. Daily reports and updates will be handled by the QA Mentor Lead throughout the entire manual testing services process.

QA Mentor Quality Assurance Team & Process

As systems and applications become more complex, enterprises face unique challenges when it comes to functional testing in order to achieve flawless production quality for their software. To be effective, corporations require strong domain skills as well as robust testing processes and technology experience.

QA Mentor offers a unique combination of manual testing services, tools, technology expertise, and domain knowledge to ensure that products are delivered without defects in an accelerated time frame. We provide end-to-end manual testing services for all your functional testing needs, utilizing mature test processes, in-house accelerators, and experience with all industry-leading functional testing tools.

We take full responsibility for all testing activities, from creating an optimized test plan to post-production support. Our user-centric testing approach delivers continuous value improvement in all engagements. We ensure complete traceability of business requirements to the test cases designed and executed, providing extensive test coverage. As a professional manual testing company, we provide extensive reporting with customized dashboards at regular intervals to keep you informed of testing progress and defects.

How it Works

In-depth Discussions

We talk with key people at your company to determine requirements, current project state, and deadlines

Test Cases Built

Immediately following the plan, the test cases are completed, mapped to requirements, and grouped by type


Our experts will handle all retests and regression tests after defects are fixed

Hand Picked Team

A dedicated team is handpicked to suite your specific business requirements, based on what we learned


Once the application is ready, we’ll execute the test cases and provide daily reports

Test Plan Built

A comprehensive test plan is built and approved


Defect Remediation

We’ll manage all defects according to a pre-determined process

We’re here when you need us. If you have further questions regarding Manual Testing Services and Execution anything else on our site for that matter, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy.